Taking the Time for Photography

Being a dad to three, it’s not always easy to find time for photography adventures. Sometimes we have to take the times we get and make the most out of them. Today was one such day.

It snowed recently. An abnormal 24+ inches. The snow laid like a smooth blanket, concealing the land underneath. The oranges and reds of the sunset reflected off its surface, bouncing off the trees and brush. It all seamed to make the forest glow. ‘There’s a landscape somewhere that is begging to be photographed,’ I thought. But that wasn’t an option.

I just finished sliding the mittens onto my 3 yr old. Or did I? “My thumb isn’t in Daddy!” She had a little wine in her voice. It’s obvious to all but her that she’s tired.

“There you go baby.” Quick fix. “Now lets go outside and play before it gets dark.” We slid open the back door and joined her older sister who already had a long, green, plastic sled ready to pull each other around.

I had other plans. In my hand was my camera. And on my back, my large camera backpack packed with enough lenses like I was leaving for the day. Who knows what I would find in my backyard?!

Heaving through the snow like it was deep mud, I had the macro lens on first. I figured that would be my best bet. Some snow still rested on small dead shrubs and I was confident that I would at least find some sort of composition there.

Then, in between the background noise of children’s laughter, an echoing came from the trees. TAP TAP TAP. The distinct sound of a woodpecker looking for dinner. This is why I brought my whole pack. It was time to change lenses.

I sunk my tripod as far as I could into the snow and gazed into the woods. I could see her pecking away. A beautiful Downy Woodpecker. But I think she saw me too and she was not having her picture taken today. She bounced from tree to tree, higher and higher. So I just looked. And looked. And forgot.

Soon I was joined by my girls. The little one with tears in her eyes. It was that mitten. It fell off and only Daddy could help.


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